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At VBCSS, our sporting clay range is a true gem nestled in the heart of Vero Beach’s citrus groves. Spread across more than 50 acres of tropical landscape, our range offers a truly unique shooting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting out, you’ll appreciate our state-of-the-art facilities and welcoming atmosphere. Our two sporting clay range courses are reset every two weeks, ensuring that you always have a fresh and exciting challenge to tackle. For a quick warm-up or just for fun, our 5-stand is the perfect spot. Best of all, our sporting clay range is always open to the public, so whether you’re a local or just visiting, we invite you to come experience the best of what South Florida has to offer. Come see why Vero Beach Clay Shooting Sports range is the go-to spot for shooters of all levels.

sporting clay range pricing

Member Pricing

Sporting Clays per Target


Golf Cart Rental


Shotgun Rental


Prepaid Sporting Clays Card - 1,000 clays


Pro Instructor Lesson*


Pro Instructor Lessons 5 pack


*Lessons are per hour and can be shared up to 2 people, but student is still responsible for all range fees

Non-Member Pricing

Sporting Clays per Target


Golf Cart Rental


Shotgun Rental


Prepaid Sporting Clays Card - 1,000 clays


Pro Instructor Lesson


Pro Instructor Lessons 5 pack


Sporting Clay Range Rules

Anyone who is a shooter or spectator must have a signed release on file.

Think safety First & Always!

  1. Eye and ear protection is required.
  2. Guns should always be carried Open and Empty.
  3. Shooters will only shoot from designated shooting stations.
  4. No more than two (2) shotgun shells in a shotgun at any time.
  5. Keep loaded shotguns pointed in a safe direction.
  6. Only one shooter may shoot at one time.
  7. No shells larger than 12-gauge, 1 1/8oz, 3 dram, shot size 7.5.
  8. There will be no alcoholic beverages or narcotics or other prohibited substances on the range at any time. Anyone who appears to be intoxicated will not be allowed on the course.
  9. Children must always be supervised by adults.
  10. Golf Cart drivers must hold a valid driver’s license.
  11. Please place litter in the bins provided.
  12. NEVER attempt to make a repair to any machine or equipment, call the office at 772-978-0935 a staff member will make the repair.


coming 2023

We’re in the process of building our new spacious Vero clubhouse! It will be the new home of our pro-shop and gunroom where we’ll have a wide variety of name-brand shotguns, shooting accessories, and apparel for sale. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful wrap-around outdoor porch and the large indoor space for gathering and hosting events. Those are just a few of the new amenities you can look forward to! To stay up-to-date on our new Vero clubhouse progress, follow us on social media or subscribe to our email updates!

sporting clay range

"This place is amazing. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. The staff and owners are super accommodating. Prices are fair and the quality of each station is superb. If you are in the Vero area and want to shoot some sporting clays, you will certainly leave smiling."


"Beautiful venue with plenty of space, but more importantly, super nice people! Will absolutely come back here because of how responsive, friendly, and accommodating the staff was."

Brian Ruddock

"The nicest sporting clay course I've ever shot. Beautiful course, targets can be tailored to your skill level, you can shoot by yourself, and the nicest staff I've ever met. I highly recommend that you stop in if you're in the neighborhood."

Tim Perry

"Great club, super friendly staff, each station has unique beauty, targets well design so you can train different options. As an instructor, this club is one of my favorites!"

Franco De Andreis

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